Smart Toilets

SplashLet is a bathroom bidet solution whether you choose to use a smart toilet or a toilet bidet. Upgrade the toilet and sanitation to the next stage just connect the bidet to the toilet with the new SplashLet-electronic toilet. Now you can enjoy the extra shower, Bidet Mist, Turbo, Heated Toilet Seat, Cleaning, Deodorization, Energy Saving and Smart Toilet all in one. SpashLet-Smart toilets are available with both remote control, which could be put wherever you like and side panel, which is connected to the seat making it a futuristic look. Highly boost comfort with smart functionality and personal hygiene with water wash. Now you could forget about the need for toilet paper. Simple installation of a bidet, do-it-yourself! On this website, you may compare a variety of SplashLet-Japanese toilet models. You can read more about smart toilets functions on this website. Visit our blog to learn more about the newest bathroom, health, and lifestyle design trends. This is the place to go if you are looking for a good deal.