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Toilet Attachment Bidet Sprayer EcoSplash 270CS

Toilet Attachment Bidet Sprayer EcoSplash 270CS

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Water Connection
Nozzle Type

Non-electric Toilet Attachment Bidet Sprayer EcoSplash 270CS

Wash Function | Features | Size and Toilet Requirements | Parts and Details

Bidet with a tub, operated by a selected source of water. It is a non-electric toilet fitting with an adjustable nozzle mounted on a thin 10 mm mounting plate. The sprayer is equipped with a feature control switch. The first function of the knob is to turn the rear wash and to regulate the pressure precisely. By turning the control, the nozzle is extended and the stream of water flows under controlled pressure. Second allows the nozzle to be self-cleaned and preserved with water after use. Retractable nozzles mechanism for rear cleaning, hides under safe cover while not in operation. Angle adjustable nozzle is an additional tool for guiding the flow of water more specifically to enhance the cleaning experience. Fast do-it-yourself installation under the existing toilet seat. The package of most appropriate parts is included in the assembly package. It suits well with most modern toilet bowls. Highly improve personal hygiene with shower water and greatly minimize the need for toilet paper.

  • Advanced Sprayer EcoSplash 270HD
    • Water Connection: "Hot & Cold"
    • Nozzle Type: "Wash & Bidet"
  • Single Sprayer EcoSplash 270CS
    • Water Connection: "Single"
    • Nozzle Type: "Wash"

Wash Function

Pressure control:
Single water connect:
Self-cleaning nozzle:
Retractable nozzle:
Adjustable nozzle angle:


Single nozzle:
non Electric:
Nozzle cover:
Easy installation:

Size and Toilet Requirements

Length (mm): 280
Width (mm): 430
Height (mm): 10
mounting width min. (mm): 110
mounting width max. (mm): 210
mounting - inner edge max. (mm): 85

Parts and Details

Rubber Hose:
Connection Pipe (cm): 80
Fixing plate:
Control side: R
Water pipe side: R
Specification for: DE
Total functions: 10
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Customer Reviews

Based on 102 reviews
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