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Toilet Water Shower Attachment EcoSplash 250D

Toilet Water Shower Attachment EcoSplash 250D

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Bidet Bathroom Toilet Spray Extension EcoSplash 250D

Wash Function | Features | Size and Toilet Requirements | Parts and Details

Bidet with a tub, operated by streams of water. It is a non-electric toilet fitting with a double flexible nozzle mounted on a small 5.2 mm mounting pad. The sprayer is fitted with a dedicated control button. Knob to change the bidet and the rear wash mechanism and special pressure control. By turning the control, the chosen nozzles are extended and the water jet flows under controlled pressure. Double retractable nozzle mechanism for both bidet and back wash, hides under a protective cover when not in operation. Double nozzle is an extra tool to guide the flow of water more specifically in order to optimize the intensity of washing. Fast do-it-your-self installation in the current toilet seat. The kit with the most suitable parts is included in the assembly kit. Highly matched to most of the new toilet bowls. Highly improve personal hygiene with washing water and remove the need for toilet paper.

  • Double nozzle toilet sprayer EcoSplash 250D - Nozzle Type: "Wash & Bidet"
  • Single nozzle toilet sprayer EcoSplash 250S - Nozzle Type: "Wash" 

Wash Function

Pressure control:
Single water connect:
Retractable nozzle:


Double nozzle:
non Electric:
Nozzle cover:
Easy installation:

Size and Toilet Requirements

Length (mm): 250
Width (mm): 391
Height (mm): 5,2
mounting width min. (mm): 105
mounting width max. (mm): 200
mounting - inner edge max. (mm): 65

Parts and Details

Metal braided hose:
Connection Pipe (cm): 80
Fixing plate:
Metal T-piece 3/8" x 3/8" x 3/8":
Control side: R
Water pipe side: R
Specification for: DE
Total functions: 9
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Customer Reviews

Based on 190 reviews
I suggest that I suggest

The non-electric version of the shower toilet was very well made but only connected to the same water.

I recommend

The non-electric version of the shower toilet very well made but only connected to one water.

Better than the picture

A good quality toilet seat with a bidet that does not require an electrical connection

toilet with bidet at a good price

Toilet with bidet, water pressure is adjustable, reduce the need for toilet paper

Bidet in the bathroom

Simple washing installation for men and women directly from the toilet seat